Monday, November 4, 2013

PushIV extended to Friday night this week

"I just wrapped up a phone call with Chef Achatz to discuss our upcoming dinner this Thursday.

It was our last chance to do a preliminary gut check on whether we are ready to execute a collection of dishes neither of us have ever made before, in a restaurant that isn’t exactly built for it.

We quickly discussed our mise en place to make certain everything will be there to create our collaborative iteration of an awesome Thanksgiving dinner, and then the conversation started to go in a different direction.

Grant reminded me that I started this series of dinners to push my restaurant beyond its limits. To that point, if we both feel completely prepared for Thursday night than perhaps we are not pushing ourselves quite hard enough. 

We have decided to execute a second dinner on Friday night, but we are not going to repeat the same theme. With a mutual belief that sometimes great stuff can be born from a bit of anarchy, we are going to create a second, spontaneous menu. We have no agenda other than to huddle up with our team after Thursday’s service, jot down some ideas and then rush to make them a reality the very next day. 

I can’t back down from a challenge from my old boss, so here we go.”
-Alex Stupak

PushIV -  Night 2, Friday Nov 8th, 2013
Empellon Cocina, 105 1st Ave
$325 per person, including food & beverage, tax & gratuity

Availability is extremely limited.  Please fill out the form here


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